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The future of robotics
starts with us.

Our Industries.


Lighten the workload. 

Data Capture
Made Easy

At dConstruct, we deal with the nits and grits of data capture so you don't have to! We've simplified the process into two simple steps: scan and reconstruct.


In this example, we used the Leica BLK360 scanner as part of our robot payload to retrieve scans of the venue. Using d.ASH Xplorer, these misaligned scans are automatically and accurately stitched together for a final 3D reconstruction of your scene.

Enjoy fast deployment with minimum hassle. Without further ado, you're ready for your digital twin for remote operations.

3D Data Capture

Control from anywhere.

Reimagining Construction

With international collaboration taking the world by storm, reliable and remote communication is vital for businesses to grow. Don't let the distance stop you!

In partnership with Gammon Construction, we demonstrate dConstruct's Autonomous Remote Robot Stack running harmoniously with Gammon's Video Analytics App called GamBot on a construction site.


Operations ran over 4G with live video streaming at 720 p at 20 FPS, streaming to Gammon's Hong Kong HQ for seamless global connectivity. From HQ, the video was analyzed in real-time and sent back to an operator in Singapore for on-site safety notifications.


Real-time Information.

Mapping on-the-go

Need an accurate 3D map of your vicinity fast and easy? We've got you covered with our end-to-end, man-portable, real-time mapping backpack - dASH Pack. 

Generate maps in mere minutes for robot navigation, surveillance, disaster management, and more! Our lightweight and collapsable design and flexible software takes the weight off your back, so leave the difficult parts to us.

Make the switch, it's as easy as walking!

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