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Large scale scan-on-the-go
mobile mapping solution

d.ASH Pack is an end-to-end 3D mapping solution that taps on state-of-the-art SLAM technology.

Map without a robot! d.ASH Pack is fully man-portable and can be mounted on a robot if preferred. d.ASH Pack also works both indoors and outdoors, supporting multi-floor and uneven terrains.

Along with d.ASH Go, our accompanying app, scanning is a breeze with real-time data visualisation, prev
enting the need for re-scans.

From then on, maps can be uploaded to the cloud, empowering users to deploy point-cloud maps to your entire fleet of autonomous robots anywhere, anytime.


Camera Sensors

LED Status Panel

LiDAR Sensor

Tilted or Upright Configuration

High Performance
3D Mapping

With the use of the Ouster LiDAR scanner, you will be able to capture coloured or non-coloured data. Using SLAM technology, this data can be used to construct high definition point cloud maps for various uses.

On-The-Go Mapping

With our 3D data visualisation app,
d.ASH Go. It streams real-time coordinate data of already scanned areas to prevent unnecessary re-scans.

3 Hours+ Operation Time

With a 3 hour operation time, the d.ASH Pack gives you the ability to map large areas confidently.

Indoor/Outdoor Operation

The d.ASH Pack’s portable nature allows for the flexibility to map both indoor and outdoor spaces.


d.ASH Go | d.ASH Pack Companion App

  • Real-time 3D visualisation app

  • Streams coordinate data directly

  • Instantly optimize scanning trajectory

  • Minimise need for re-scanning

NonColoured Point Cloud Desktop.jpg

Non-Coloured Point Cloud

Upright Scanner Arm

Maps for Robot Navigation

High Quality
Static Scans

Point clouds that are collected with no real-life colour information are perfect for reconstructing maps for autonomous robot navigation, enabling easy high-quality static scans using our self-driving stack for robot deployment, d.ASH Nav.

To find out more, visit our d.ASH Nav page.

Coloured Point Cloud Desktop 1060x540.png

Haw Par Villa Park, Singapore (15 football fields).

>1 Bil points processed in real-time

Coloured Point Cloud

Tilted Scanner Arm

Digital Twins

Object Segmentation

The 3D colour point cloud collected can be used for purposes suchas digital twins. Our processing software, d.ASH Xplorer, is also able to use these point clouds for object segmentation
and scan-to-BIM comparisons.

To find out more, visit our d.ASH Xplorer page.

3D Mobile Mapping @ Gardens by the Bay
with d.ASH Pack

3D Point Cloud Mobile Scan & Segmentation
with d.ASH Go

d.ASH Pack In Action

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