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About Us

In the heart of the little red dot, dConstruct opened its doors in 2021 serving as a start-up committed to making robots smarter. Our small but dynamic team has been working on autonomous solutions to make robots easier to use for our customers. By deconstructing and reconstructing the current ways we view robotics, we present autonomy as a service; robots are partners for human work tasks.


Join Us

Join our innovative team and shape the future of technology with cutting-edge solutions and a dynamic, collaborative work environment.

What we do

dConstruct's mission is to deliver customizable and consistent autonomous navigation solutions for mobile robotics applications. 


We specialise in remote operations with our BVLOS (Beyond Vision Line of Sight) controls and autonomous missions engine to build powerful software for any challenge.

So come along on the journey as we embark on our mission to change the world one robot at a time.

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