Digital Autonomous Services Hub


01. d.ASH Pack

The backpack that maps.

d.ASH Pack is an end-to-end 3D mapping solution that taps on state-of-the-art SLAM technology. 

Map without a robot! d.ASH Pack is fully man-portable and can be mounted on a robot if preferred. d.ASH Pack also works both indoor and outdoor, supporting multi-floor and uneven terrains.

From then on, maps can be uploaded to the cloud, empowering users to deploy point-cloud maps to your entire fleet of autonomous robots anywhere, anytime.


02. d.ASH Xplorer

The app that reconstructs maps.

In companion with d.ASH Pack, d.ASH Xplorer is our 3D SLAM and reconstruction app that accompanies d.ASH Pack to facilitate data processing, map editing, and interfacing with the cloud.


Like pieces of a puzzle, multiple scans are automatically aligned and stitched together using our core sensor fusion and SLAM Compute framework. This allows users to build bigger and better maps as time goes on.


Moreover, d.ASH Xplorer's fast SLAM data-processing algorithm can run 3-5 times faster than the actual time spent during data collection. You'll have your map reconstructed in no time!


03. d.ASH Pilot

The ultimate remote controller.

d.ASH Pilot is an all-in-one software app that offers high-performance, low-latency long-range remote operations. It allows you to take manual control of your robots at any time, from any distance, in any environment. 

Our ultra-high speed data streaming allows d.ASH Pilot to stream live video feeds from robots over LTE and 4G cellular networks, allowing for operation in environments with weak network infrastructure. Stay connected always! Whether you're an operator in Hong Kong with robots in Singapore, or running mission-critical robot inspection missions in a remote oil rig in Thailand, you can take control with minimal latency. d.ASH Pilot goes the distance for you when it comes to remote operations. 

Moreover, d.ASH Pilot's AutoDrive software allows robots to navigate unstructured environments with minimal operator input autonomously. Using cameras alone, AutoDrive uses state-of-the-art Video Analytics and ML models to analyse the environment in real-time. AutoDrive enables a hands-free Level 2 Autonomy experience at a push of a button.

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04. d.ASH Nav

The system that plans and executes.

Our d.ASH Nav software allows you to plan and direct your robots along specified routes. Say goodbye to manual control and schedule daily missions to streamline your processes!


Using a high-performance 3D Engine capable of rendering massive point clouds and SLAM software, d.ASH Nav determines the real-time location of connected robots within millimetres. Just drop and add waypoints like markings on a map to automated patrol routes all thanks to d.ASH Nav's seamless UI.

Get your robot to complete actions such as inspection and scanning at each waypoint, or create your very own custom missions. No further operator input or connectivity is required once the mission tasks have been sent over to your robot fleet via d.ASH Nav's command and control system.