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Smarter Robots.
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Transforming AI and robotics to expand the realm of possibilities in automation.

d.ASH-ER at NVIDIA Jensen Huang Keynote 2024

Use Case

Use Case


Transform education with real-world technology and industry expertise


 Create detailed digital twins of any environment, both indoor and outdoor


Autonomous solution for train inspection, harnessing cutting-edge scanning and more


Automated monitoring solutions that provide continuous surveillance, enabling proactive threat detection and swift response

Delivery / Towing

Automate Repetitive Delivery and Towing Tasks with Autonomous Robotics

train inspection.jpg

Inspection for Transport

Traditional train inspections are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone. Our Scan to Twin technology enhances efficiency, accuracy, and safety in inspections.

Scanning for Construction

Reality capture is transforming the construction industry, offering precise data and virtual insights that revolutionize project monitoring and execution.

search and rescue.jpg

Search and Rescue Operations

When every second counts, having the right tools makes a difference. Equipping search and rescue (SAR) operations with the most advanced tools is the obvious choice. 

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